My Story

It is my belief that those reading My Story will fall into one of the following camps:

(i) The reader will be greatly interested by the information either for personal reasons or mere curiosity

(ii) The reader will be experiencing a very similar problem themselves with no one to turn to

(iii) The reader will think I am a religious nut trying to propagate hes ideology or is psychologically impaired in some manner

I can assure you the latter is definitely not the case, I am simply describing what happened to me and my experiences with no alteria intention other than to publisize the dangers of the esoteric internal arts. All the facts you are about to read are completely authentic.

My History of Martial Arts

I began learning martial arts over a decade ago, I was always very keen and took great interest not only in the physical sciences of the art but also the spiritual aspects. I studied many systems during this time including both Japanese and Chinese systems (both northern and southern systems as well as internal and external systems). All my instructors were of the highest calibre, including a Shaolin Monk from China, Grand Masters and national champions (and if I was to provide you with their names I don’t think anyone would dispute their skill and genuine martial arts lineage)

It was upon learning the internal system known as the Five Animal system of Spontaneous Chi Kung (Wu Qin Xi) which is an internal system which involved involuntary movements following the discharge of energy into the practionar that my insight into the world of Martial Arts was to take a turn for the worse. Never before had I learnt a system which resulted in induced trance like and altered states of consciousness which ostensibly improved health and martial arts prowess. I soon began channeling the energy (Chi) and creating a mini mirco-cosmic orbits around myself. Inadditon my instructor would adeptly summon the energy (Chi) and transmit and project it into hes students with stunning transitory results of improved health and increased physical strength. As the years passed on and I earned my instructors trust as I passed through all the Five Animal stages, he would boast that I was becoming a very powerful student and that soon I would soon be able to heal people myself, this made me even more eager to master this science. The principal of using martial arts as a fighting art was always sound, but using it for the betterment of others was an even greater incentive to learn, this was by no means a contradication but merely the flip side of the ability to kill and heal. And indeed I was aware of the body of scientific evidence which supported this claim. See Five Animal Frolics.

Beginning Symptoms

During this time I started to experience unusual sensations. This began with paralysis between the state of wakefulness and sleep as if something was constricting me just as I woke up in the morning, to feelings of vapours of energy around myself, particularly at night when my body was arrest and in a state of repose at night during sleep. Furthermore other students of this system also experienced the similar things but my instructor always eloquently countered any assertions of the supernatural by saying the Chi was simply opening up dormant chambers of the body & brain and that such feeling were completely natural. The instructor went as far as saying had we been practising such systems a century ago we would likely be convicted of practising magic & witchcraft, and that is only lately (i.e.19th century) that chi has been examined and studied scientifically, infact some ignorant Chinese & even non-Chinese scientists have suggested that it is no more than bio-electromagnetic energy (see Phd thesis "Qi & Biolectromagnetic Energy" York University). Certainly I was aware of the body of scientific evidence purporting the health benefits of Qigong & Chi (see The Qigong Institute). I thus as a gullible young student continued with my study of this system determined to master it always mentally finding an excuse to explain away these symptoms.

It was upon doing some prelimary research on the subject of Sleep paralysis which consists of a period of inability to perform voluntary movements either at sleep onset (called hypnogogic or predormital form) or upon awakening (called hypnopompic or postdormtal form) that I began to discover that this was often associated with withcraft and magic throughout history, where the term the old Hag was frequently used and is still used to describe a demon, ghost, etc. that sits upon their victim's chest, causing paralysis and sometimes making it hard to breathe. I decided to investigate further and read a book bought by my brother titled "The Exorcist Tradition in Islam" By Dr. Bilal Philips University of Wales. In it the author describes these symptoms of sleep paralysis as the begining sgns of demonic/jinn possession. However still not adequatly convinced of any sinister goings on I decided to continue my interests in the martial arts.

Visit by Abbot & Shaolin Monk and the Statue of Buddha

I also observed the statue of Buddha we had in our temple would become of more central importance in our classes. Our instructor (Sifu) would channel hes energy into the enoromous statue that occupied a large corner of the hall. The significance of the Buddha was to become further exemplified following a visit by the Abbot Shi Yon Xian into our temple, where upon he performed a ceremony which involved the statue of Buddha, he channeled an enormous amount of Chi into the Buddha (at which point many Sifus that were present in the audience reported feeling the powerful energy of the Abbot pass into the Buddha, some even reported seeing bright lights, and indeed this energy was to remain in the despicable idol. He was accompanied by a Shoalin Monk that our Sifu instructor had invited to teach, and much of the world media was present. The Abbot of the Shaolin Temple, aided by Shaolin Warrior Monk Shi Yan Tzi after blessing the Temple School's Buddha then consecrated the building as a branch of Shaolin Temple.


During this visit afer the ceremony, there was an amazing display of Wushu martial arts by the Shaolin monk, this involved a Shaolin form and four extrodinary displays of Chi Kung, the first being the Shaolin Monk taking powerful Gow Choi (hammer fist technique) strike by an experienced martial artist in the solar plexus with no noticeable side effects, followed by a similar strike this time with the aid of a tree trunk and four students ramming it into the stomach of the Monk. In the third display Monk Shi Yan Tzi took two volunters from the audience and made them stripe off their shirts. He then positioned them in a sort of a bowing position, this he said was for their own safety. The Monk then summoned up hes chi power. This took two or three minutes. Standing a good ten feet from the two volunteers, he reached out hes hand and made a slow downward clawing motion. When the volunteers turned around, each had clealry visible red claw marks down his back. A murmur of surprise went around the room and the Chinese camera crew moved in to take close-up shots o the phenomenon. The curious bowing posture the two volunteers took up was so that the Chi power projected by Monk Shi Yan Tzi wouldnt strike the volunters square on. If it had, it would almost certainly have injured them. I was later to discover that Shaolin Monks don't normally perform this act of Red Sand Palm technique in public, the Abbot later chastised the younger Monk for performing this as the powerful Chi could have been captured by someone in the audience with ill intent. Even after this remarkable display of inner power, Monk Shi Yan Tzi's demonstartion wasnt over yet. Choosing from a pile of bricks, the Monk built a brigde with three bricks that he could use as a pillow. He then went through a short series of excercises to focus his Chi power in his head region. He laid his head down on his brick pillow and placed another column of three bricks on top of his head. He then asked our Sifu to brick another brick down as hard as he could onto the brick column. Upon doing this incredibly all three bricks on top of the monks head and the brick beneath forming the span of the bridge shattered. To tumutuous applause, the Monk bounced to his feet, smiling and waving and completely unharmed by the massive blow delivered. It was a spectaculor display of the power of Chi witnissed first hand by me and many others including the world media. In awe of Monk Shi Yan Tzi's skill I was to remain with him for several years.(see for Monk Shi Yan Tzi)

When the Abbot went back to China I observed several noteable changes in our temple, Sifu was now no longer summing chi his normal way but rather now going up to the Buddha to attract/summon Chi (this was of coarse because the Abbot had passed his very poweful Chi into it) and students too were approaching the Buddha to get charged up (this was a term used to denote the initialisaton into the Five Animal state). I too observed when in the Gong state (Five Animal Frolics) would some how subconcsiousely be me drawn unexplianably to the Budhha for no discernable reason.The statue of Buddha was suddenly becoming the nexus of the Temple School and the roots of idolatry were taking fold. (see Buddhism: An Idolatrous Religion)

Discontinuation of Martial Arts & Symptoms Getting Worse

After some time due to other committments notably work I had to discontinue my pursuits in the martial arts. It was also during this time by complete coincidence that my instructors school closed due to internal politics.

Over this period I gradually started to experience further unusual symptoms I had never before experienced: paralysis, muscle spasms, unusual dreams, vapours of energy , unusual sounds & movements in my stomach, feeling of making growling sounds, sensations of crawling around the body i.e. formication, feeling of something moving around inside my body (almost thrashing around with great speed), numbness in legs following adopting sitting positions, desiring to cry at moments with no motive, paranoia, declining mental acumen (exhibiting itself in memory loss, inability to concentrate, limited lateral thinking and analytical skills), vomiting sensations, and strange clicking sound in my bedroom. Infact I become so use to these symptoms that I couldn't even remember what is was like to be normal again

It must be stressed that it was only after the inception of my study of the internal arts all these symptoms were to occur, prior to this I had always been healthy and was of sound mental intellect. Not knowing what was wrong with myself I bore this sickness but chose not to seek a cure through western medicine fearing they would misdiagnose me and fill me full of drugs or even think I was making it up or that I was psychologically imbalanced.

On Holiday

Whilst on holiday to an Islamic country one of my relatives spoke of a man that performed exorcisms on people. Again not knowing what was wrong with myself, only that I had the above symptoms, I thought what harm would there be in visiting such a person. I really had very little believe in the supernatural and magic. I always took it for granted that such things existed but no more than that, and as someone educated in the West, my mind set was more inclined to wanting tangible proof of something backed up with empirical evidence to support any claim.


Meeting The Sheikh

I booked an appointment to see the sheikh who at this point I new very little about. On the day that I went to see him my uncle accompanied me. Upon entering the Sheikhs premises/building I discovered a very religious theme all around me i.e. Islamic material and writing on the wall etc. When first seeing the Sheikh I was also surprised to discover a very outspoken man with deep religious convictions (but very sincere) that seemed to have a constant flock of people around him, he seemed naturally charismatic. After waiting some time in a queue of people to see him my uncle introduced me to the Sheikh. I described my problems to him. He simply listened hmming every know and then. He examined parts of my body e.g. hands nails and face and asked me a few questions e.g. my dreams, any stools, unusual sensations etc.

The Sheikh then asked me to sit by the wall and put on some headphones with my eyes closed (as if I was meditating) listening to the recitation on the tape focusing upon the area of pain as if it too could hear the recitation just as I could. At this point I didn’t know what to make of the Sheikh, this was the first time I met such a person and sought such an unconventional resolution to my problem, hence I simply did what the Sheikh asked without critiquing hes methodology. I simply wanted to be normal again as I was before I studied the internal arts.

Upon putting the headphones on and taking a comfortable sitting position with my legs crossed I closed my eyes and the tape was then played. I immediately identified the recitation on the tape which consisted of Islamic chants, unusual sounds, and Quranic recitation of carefully selected verses. With my eyes closed my concentration power was heightened and I was able to isolate and focus on the pain (in my head, legs & in my stomach) with great ease. Then all of a sudden I know longer felt comfortable, almost slightly faint infact. I started swaying my head gently and my facial expression began to change as I took on a different demeanour. I began to growl and hiss with my front teeth protruding (like a wild angry animal displaying it fangs). Then gradually swaying movements was to become more acute. I was later told at this point the sheikh was giving salutations of Mubarak to my uncle (praise be to god). My concentration different falter despite all this, I kept focusing upon the pain in my body and in my head in particular.

After 30 mins of this the Sheikh then told me to take the headphones off and sit in the centre of the room were he's assistants were waiting. He asked me to take on a different sitting posture (sitting on my legs with my palms on top). One of the Sheikhs assistants who was behind me that then took a hold of my head and then forced hold of my eye lids putting some unusual drops into my eyes. The pain was excruciating. I began to cry, however all was not as it seemed. My control over my body became less so and although I was feeling the pain from the eye drop which was resonating throughout my body it wasn't all being born my me. Something very unusual began to surface from inside me and was being hit by the pain caused by the eye drops. At this point I began crying excessively however it wasn't myself crying, I was almost like a spectator in my own body watching something else within me suffering and undergoing great torment. The Sheikh began yelling "leave him!!! leave him or else you will have to undergo more of this!!!". The assistants at this point were holding me either side due to the violent uncontrollable nature by which I was swaying and trying to break out of the sitting position the Sheikh had asked me to adopt. The Sheikh then asked me to recite certain verses of the Quran, but I was unable to. He came over to me sat down and started praying over me. Whilst I was crying my lips would utter sounds and speech of "naay, don't, naay" as well as some other sounds I was unfamiliar with. I was also spitting out a lots of saliva and nasal mucus was coming out of my nose, my whole face was awash with tears. He took some water and splashed it over my neck, then all of a sudden I was able to recite.

Gradually the effects of the drops began to wear off as the pain began to subside and the crying slowed down and then eventually stopped. I was later told that the jinns see through the eyes of the human and that the ointment that the sheikh put into my eyes was also tantamount to putting it into the eyes of the jinn itself as well. Also the pain that I felt correlated with the power & control the jinns had over me.

The Sheikhs assistants noticing my behaviour returning to a more normal state then wrapped a towel around the top half of my body exposing only my face and then produced forth a water spray (squirter). One assistant held me locked down from behind, while another infront of me began squirting water (which had been prayed upon by the Sheikh) straight into my face, I immediately began to scream violently and it almost felt like I was suffocating, but the assistants weren't phased and didn't lapse as the squirting continued. The Sheikh again yelled out at me saying "Leave him or else!!!". After the squirting was over the whole towel was completely drenched and I felt greatly relieved that it was over. However all was far from finished.

What occurred next is perhaps the most astonishing thing to have happened to me (as if what had happened already wasn’t astonishing enough). The Sheikh asked one of hes assistants to give me a glass of water. The Sheikh told me do drink it and then vomit it out again. I was puzzled (what was the point of that?). The water in the glass had been prayed upon by the Sheikh with verses from the Quran. I took hold of the glass and drank it all down in a few gulps. The assistants put a bowel infront of me and told me to vomit into it. At first I struggled and nothing came out, I kept trying but again but found myself unable to vomit. The Sheikh insisted that I must do it and that I should try to put my hand deep down into my throat to help facilitate this process. So I then (again thinking what was the point of all this), tried to simulate the act of vomiting this time putting my hand down my throat, and then all of a sudden I felt a great surge of pressure coming out, I leaned over the bowel infront of me and water began gushing out of my mouth from around the sides straight into the bowel. It kept coming out and the bowl was filling up. I couldn't believe it !!!. I didn’t even recall drinking that much water the entire day so where was this fluid (that looked more like liquid nasal mucus) coming from? I was later to discover the act of vomiting is a standard practise amongst many of the worlds leading Islamic exorcists, the stomach is the elixir field for the jinns where they reside and feed off the contents the individual ingests, the water which had been prayed upon my the sheikh had explosive effects in the stomach such that ordinarily when the individual vomits the jinns would cling onto the lining in the stomach thus preventing them from forcibly leaving, but drinking the water in prelude to this act would prevent the jinn from doing this due to the explosive nature of the water inside which would cause the jinns to extricate involuntarily during the vomiting process. Also the unusual nature of the liquid that was being discharged by me in the west is more commonly known as ectoplasm.

Then one of the assistant grabbed me and said that's enough telling me to stop vomitting. Why did he intervene and just not let the liquids completely discharge itself in entirety I wondered? The assistant stopped me during the vomiting because he told me that I would become very weak if I vomited any further, that the jinns inside me had caused my own overall strength to increase and that by causing so many to leave at once would have left me excessively weak. He also made a stark admission that I had a lot inside me. This almost has a completely inverse relationship to the study of chi Kung that through the years of practise the individual acquires more and more chi which manifests itself in greater overall strength.

By now I was in a shattered state. There were many other people in the room that had come to see the Sheikh and were visibly disturbed at the site of what they had seen with me. I looked at the Sheikh and rather sillily asked "Am I possessed by Jinns" , he looked at me and said "What else!!!", also a lot of people in the room starting sighing "what else", as if there could be no other conclusion that could be drawn from what had just happened.

I had passed all of the Sheikhs litmus tests in terms of diagnosing/ascertaining jinns/demonic possession. And yet my first thoughts weren’t so much about myself but more about all the other people that were practising these esoteric systems of martial arts and other eastern systems summoning Demons/Jinns without a clue in the world about the reality of what was going on. I am one of the lucky ones that by complete fortune and the grace of God path collided with that of the Sheikh's and put on the path to recovery, had this not happened I am almost certain today I would either be in a mental asylum or on some extreme form of medication falsely diagnosed by western doctors that don’t even have the mental constructs and concepts to explain the world of the jinns/demons, the unseen & possession adequately.

The Sheikh told my uncle to bring me again for the next session. The Sheikh had been performing exorcisms for over a decade and had been blessed by Allah (God) with this divine ability, and as a result people from all over the country and indeed the world would contact him with their various jinn related problems. Hes methodology was in strict conformance to the Islamic Sharia.
See for video footage of Islamic style exorcisms:
(1) A local Imam in Jordan Shiekh Ayach Qaraan practices Exorcism on a man 
(2) An eyewitness account of an Islamic exorcism carried out by an Imam in Brunei

The Days After

I went to see the Sheikh the next day and indeed everyday there on in after for several weeks undergoing the same combination of Islamically sanctioned exorcist rites with some additions. The Sheikh gave me a list of prayers to perform regularly and told me to drink nothing except a water bottle he would give me which had been prayed upon (which I could then fill up when it was half full). The Sheikh would say that water had the benefit that it could reach every where inside me so the jinn had no refuge except but to leave or die within me. During this period those symptoms of spasms, numbness, head aces etc began to wane. The decline was such that the until spasms were no more than just a little pricks, the head aces were gone and my overall well-being was vastly improved etc. Also during this period I would often have unusual dreams which I would convey back to the Sheikh, and sensations of something crying inside me between the state of wakefulness and sleep. The Sheikh was torturing the jinns to leave, and if it didn’t he told me it would die within me. It is difficult to ascertain why the jinns had such a strong association with myself , it is possible that because I had invoked them they were tormenting me, may be they liked their new found home/host, may be they were forced to remain inside me by other jinns that had control/mastery over them, or maybe they were just simply evil and desired nothing other than the destruction of mankind due to historical reasons of enmity between the two creations.

Cases of Possession

I have since seen many cases of possession, possession involving jinns falling in love with girls, possession involving acts of magic performed on individuals, possession where by jinns harass or haunt individuals/buildings etc. But certainly my case was unlike most of the others the Sheikh was dealing with because I had directly invoked these creatures and inadvertently sought their assistance via (i)My instructor channelling the energy into me (ii)Capturing chi from outside my body (iii) Going into deep meditative trances allowing the chi to take control of my body like I was in an intoxicated state taking on the characteristics of animals see Wu Qin Xi five animal frolics (iv) Through various chants and (v) Performance of certain forms/kata with acts of magic embedded with in without even knowing it. What is also most disturbing is that the practise of my art involved the accumulation of these jinns inside me or as my instructor would say the cultivation of chi which could take many years to achieve, which is why they often say that to practise the external arts could take a few years but to practise the internal art a decade i.e. the more chi I had the more adept at the internal arts I became. Most instances of possession only involve a hand full of jinns, however internal arts by definition require the individual to store up or hoard their chi. That is why practising such systems can be so fatal to the practionar and act of exorcism can be considerably longer than otherwise.